وب سايت چهاربان

Online Exams:

Our refund and returns policy lasts 24 a hours for All online exams. After customer purchased a online exam, our system will automatically send email with username and password, if for any reason (Except if customer wrote his email wrong) our website was not able to sent username and password to customer with in 24 a hours in this case we will full refund the customer. for this we use SMTP log file, this means we can see if our email has been delivered to our customer or not.

To ask for refund (within 24 a hours) please contact us via contact page or click here.

In each online exams package clearly said how long you can use the package, if the time of your subscription passed we cannot extend the subscription. if you want to use one of the online exams packages again you have to purchase it.

PDF Book:

The online downloadable PDF book in Farsi can not be refunded (after purchase).

After purchase our downloadable PDF book an E-mail will send to your email address with download links. the links will be expired after 14 days be sure that you download the book in your device during 14 days.

You are not allow to share our PDF book online such as social media or any other website or any online platform. not even part of it or page of it.

The PDF book has been made by 4baan website this means all copyright will belong to 4baan website.